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Products - DG511/DG711 Pipe Laser


Built tough for long-lasting performance and reliability, the DG711 and DG511 pipe lasers are completely waterproof and designed to ensure easy cleanup. They are also easy to assemble with a full range of setup accessories available, and easy to use with straightforward, “no-instructions-required” controls. They even keep track of their own maintenance needs, notifying you at regular intervals (you decide how often) when it’s time for a check-up. The DG711 and DG511 pipe lasers are simply the toughest, smartest tools you’ll ever own!

Receiver Features:

• Self-Leveling: The DG711 and DG511 feature the largest automatic leveling range in the industry providing quick, easy set-ups, regardless of grade.
• Line Alert: This unique feature is ideal for working in high-vibration or wet conditions where the pipe lasers may be disturbed. The beam flashes to notify you that the setup line has been disturbed, eliminating the necessity of rework.
• Line Set: The Line Set/Check capability of the pipe laser allows you to raise the beam outside of the trench for fast line setup or checking.

More Information:

DG 711/Dg 511 Brochure
DG 711/DG 511 Brochure (Spanish)
DG511/711 @

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