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Products - AL200 Series Auto-Levels


The AL228 and AL232 auto-levels feature air-dampened compensators which deliver an even higher level of accuracy than the AL100 series. This makes the AL228 and AL232 especially suitable for long-range leveling applications and high-accuracy work. These levels represent a high-value solution that will continue performing reliably for years to come.

Spectra Precision Optical:

Well known for their innovative features and rugged dependability, Spectra Precision Optical and Laser Products are used by more construction professionals around the world than any other brand. Spectra Precision Optical is a part of the Trimble family of Conceptto- Completion positioning solutions for Survey, Machine Control and Construction, and is a supported globally by the strongest service and support network in the industry.

More Information:

AL 200 Brochure
AL 200 Brochure (Spanish)
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